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Panda Party is a casual and social card game suitable for family and friends. All players are competing to collect a full house of pandas at their party. There are lots of cool characters to invite and plenty of opportunities to crash the other players’ parties. Once you play this game, it will become clear who’s the biggest party animal and who’s the biggest party pooper.

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The card game

Panda Party is super easy to pick up (… unlike real pandas). The rules can be understood in less than 2 minutes - minimising the time for reading instructions and maximising the time for fun!

How do you win? Simple. Be the first player to collect 5 pandas at your party.

Get hooked playing Panda Party with a deck of over 150 cards and 40 panda characters (with so many exciting “bambooster” packs and new panda characters in the pipeline).

Panda Party Card Game

First player to collect 5 pandas at their party wins

Panda Party Card Game

Lure pandas in with tasty snacks

Panda Party Card Game

Sabotage other players’ parties and protect your own

Panda Party Card Game

Watch out for game-changing shocks

Panda Party Card Game

Secure gold and silver pandas to gain powers

Panda Party Card Game

Outbid others for the panda you want

How to play FAQs

Can you play with just two players?

Panda Party was designed to be enjoyed by 3-6 players, so you will have the best experience with that party size. However, if you want to enjoy a game with only one other person, you can! You just need to make the following adjustments:
1. Remove the following panda cards: Candy Pandy, Pandicorn and Queen P.
2. Increase the win condition to 6 pandas (instead of 5) for a longer game.

How can people participate in your Panda Party game if the rules are too challenging?

Panda Party is intended to be an inclusive game for all to participate it, and we believe the joy of partying pandas should be shared with everyone! Review the rule variations below for guidance on how to include children below 8, non-English speakers and people with cognitive challenges.

Level 1 simplification
- Do not play with outbidding (the only out-of-turn action is "paws off")
- Remove the shock cards from the panda deck

Level 2 simplification
All variations from level 1 plus:
- Remove the gold pandas from the panda deck
- Remove the wordier or more complicated action cards as you see fit (e.g., gold mine, flip it like it's hot, pudgy).

You can make any combination of the simplifications above to make sure your friend or family member can participate in the fun too!

Is there anything you can do if your game is too quick or too long?

Absolutely! Just change the number of pandas required to win.
E.g., games with 3 players often take around 15mins. Bump it up to 6 pandas to win for a longer game.
E.g., games with 6 players can last over 45mins (especially if you're all determined to take each other down). You can make it 4 pandas to win to get to a winner quicker.

Can a "bodyguard" or "paws off" protect your panda from shocks?

Shocks cannot be stopped by any card or any player. So, a "paws off" cannot stop a shock. If the "Pandamonium" shock appears and you have a bodyguard on your panda(s), the lucky player sitting next to you gets them. If you got to keep your protected pandas, then it's not a true pandamonioum, is it? 😜

How quickly do you have to react to outbid or "paws off" another player?

This should be at a speed that feels natural for your game, giving everybody a fair chance but keeping it competitive.
What NOT to do: Throw down your resources and grab a panda at super-speed, not giving other players any chance to challenge you. That's not in the spirit of the game!
What else NOT to do: Look around to every player after putting down your cards and asking if anyone is going to stop you. This will make it a veeeery slow game...

What happens to your food resources if you loose a bidding war?

They're gone, sorry! As soon as you play a resource card and put it on the table, you cannot take it back.
If multiple players are bidding for one panda, all the played food cards get sent straight to the discard pile and the winning bidder takes the panda to their party.
So, choose wisely when you want to bid and how much you want to risk!

What happens when a "paws off" card is played in a bidding war?

The "paws off" card always cancels the last player's action, which includes a bid for a panda. For example, if P1 bids 4, then P2 outbids with 5, then P1 plays a "paws off", this cancels P2s bid and makes P1 the highest bidder again with 4 food points. P1 gets the panda and all resource cards played by both players are lost.
The same logic applies if multiple players are involved in a bidding war - remember the "paws off" only cancels the latest move.

If the player whose turn it is doesn’t have enough food to buy the panda can one of the other players bid for the panda?

No, the player whose turn it is has to make the first offer before anyone else can try outbid.

If you have any other questions about the gameplay or rules, please email us at

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